Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Expressive Journaling Prompt

For all of you journalers out there...every so often I will post a journaling prompt. For all of you non-journals out there...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON??? Join in on expressive/creative writing. Let your soul speak through your words without fear of punctuation..or even spelling. Let the pen take over...and write from your heart...from your soul. Let those thoughts spill out onto the paper in front of you....and experience the therapeutic value journaling.

If you have trouble finding something to write about....start with the following prompt. Let the words flow..don't judge the thoughts before you write them down...just right it as it comes to you. It doesn't have to make sense. JUST DO IT! Celebrate who you are...and who you are becoming. Allow yourself to walk in magnificence!!


My life is unfolding like a beautiful flower.

I am blooming into greatness.

These are the ways I am BLOOMING......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are your DREAMS....

As promised....here are some of my DREAMS....the stuff I wish to bring into my life this year. I also wanted to share two of my most recent Vision Boards (aka Collages, Treasure Maps, Dream Boards, etc.).

As an expressive arts specialist..I highly encourage you to take the time for CREATIVITY in your life. Creativity truly spills goodness into most all areas of your life. So....please use my photos as inspiration and map out your own dreams.

One of my newest Vision Boards....

Second Vision Board

My mandala DREAMS. I used a basic round shape, also referred to as a mandala. I wrote significant phrases and words inside the mandala. Then splashed some water color over it.
Now, I will place this somewhere that I can notice it several time a day...and it becomes my visual prayer to God.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Filling my Cup..

As a Therapist and Artist it is important to "Refill my cup" every so often. Even though I am an artist, taking other art classes is part of my plan for self-care. Self-care is VERY IMPORTANT. It is great to take the back seat and let someone else be a leader every now and then. I always learn something new with every class I have taken. So, today I signed up for an e-course presented by SARK http://www.planetsark.com/. SARK is an amazing artist, teacher, healer, creative genius, etc. I am excited to take this course and I will share some of my work along this month long e-course journey. I encourage you to take a creative course...give yourself permission to play and be creative. We are creative beings. Don't get hung up thinking you have to be an artist to make art...YOU DON'T NEED ANY PRIOR ART EXPERIENCE for any type of process oriented expressive/creative art class. Now...I will let the creative juices flow!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What are your DREAMS?

Yeah...YOU...what are your DREAMS? I think we are all entitled to live our dreams. How can you live it if you can't "see" it??? So, I say...do some art work that is representative of your dreams. DREAM BIG. No limits. Some ideas can be...do a collage that represents your hopes and dreams....a mandala that represents your hopes and dreams....a painting....or decorate a page in your journal that represents your DREAMS. Remember...we all start some where. I will go along with my advice...and post a piece of art by next Saturday that represents my hopes, dreams and goals. Have fun...the sky is the limit.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What is Expressive/Creative Arts?

Expressive Arts is not a new thing. It has been around for thousands of years. It can be seen in ancient history. In everything from cave paintings to a piece of art depicting someone playing a musical instrument. Expressive Arts goes back as far as our recorded history does!! Even though Expressive Arts have been around since the beginning of time, it is now gettting considerable attention.

Now you may ask....what is Expressive Arts? Expressive Arts can loosely be defined as expressing oneself through any form of art. It can be through the visual arts, writing poetry, dancing, singing, storytelling, etc. The great benefit of participating in Expressive Arts is it's innate ability to promote health and well being.

So, here are some of the things I believe about Expressive Arts:
*I beileve Expressive Arts is healing.
*I believe Expressive Arts is a tool to allow our heart, mind and soul to communicate.
*I believe each of us know our answers....and Expressive Arts is a tool to excavate those answers.
*I believe Expressive Arts allow us to be the creative beings we are meant to be.

The whole realm of Expressive Arts is getting great exposure these days. Many people are (or have) experienced the healing qualities in Expressive Arts. Take time in your life to be creative! Please contact me if you have any question and stay tuned for upcoming workshops.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jewelry and Journals

Hand made/painted/sewn journals.
Positive words journal.

Oh..I love her...the Mermaid journal has hours of work! She is one of my favorites. She is swimming among shells...and listening to the whispers of the ocean.....

Pretty hand made journal.

Hand made ceramic HOPE heart and strung with jade, pearls, turquoise and glass.

Sample of my new collection.

Hand made ceramic face nestled in a beautiful shell strung with amber and pearls.

Here are some things I am having fun creating. I have finally returned to designing and making jewelry again. After falling in love with Expressive Arts for myself and my clients I have also picked up a love for Journals....Expressive/Creative Writing. Many of these things you can see in person at Tulaa Gallery in Vero Beach, FL...or you can email me for more information. Please feel free to leave comments.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome To My World

Hi, and WELCOME to my world of Expressive Arts. Professionally I am a Grief/Loss and Bereavement Therapist (GriefSanctuary.blogspot.com) that uses Expressive Arts as a tool for clients and for myself. I love anything related to art and the healing benefits of art. I plan to use this blog to show case my works of art and to announce upcoming workshops. Enjoy.